Top 4 Ways PRG Saves Money

“Time is money.” So how does PRG save time and money?

We work with you throughout the year, not just during renewal time.


Our services are:

1. Comprehensive

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) 24/7 benefits web portal, desktop and mobile ready
  • Standard and customized reporting (.csv, .pdf) for HR, Finance
  • Retains employee history

2. Streamlined Efficiency

  • All applicable information readily available
  • Consistent communications to employees
  • Online enrollment capabilities
  • Payroll Integration – reduce administrative redundancies

3. Value Add-On’s

  • Live HR support
  • Online learning and training
  • COBRA assistance
  • ACA reporting

4. Relationships Matter

  • Tailored benefit plans and services
  • Industry benchmarking to ensure your business remains competitive
  • Minimize client back office administration through our PRG partnership